Emma graduated from the University of Leeds in June 2017, with a 1st class in BSc Nutrition. After working for a short time in the NHS in general administration, Emma took up the role of Data Management Assistant at the university in October 2018.

This role directly uses knowledge and skills developed during her academic career, such as the physiology and pathology of the diseases being studied, and the importance of accurate and precise data collection. Outside of the university, Emma is a writer and blogger, having articles published in the international magazine Cracked.com among many others. Primarily she focuses on her blog, Diary of a Disabled Person, which describes her life as a wheelchair user in education and employment, highlighting the problematic and sometimes hilarious situations that arise from her disability. She is also an active social media presence, complementing her writing with interesting scenarios and jokes about her day-to-day life. Away from work, Emma is an avid music fan, usually choosing to listen to both classic and modern rock music, but with a few guilty pleasure pop artists appearing on her playlists too. She also enjoys movies, particularly the Star Wars and Marvel cinematic universes, and plays video games regularly, her favourites being Doom (2016) and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Additionally, Emma enjoys watching professional wrestling and frequently attends local shows. Emma grew up in Bradford but now lives in Leeds with her fiance (husband as of late December 2018), who is also a university alumnus that she met in the second year of her degree. 


  • Data Entry and Management
  • Trial Management Assistant

Research interests

Emma currently supports two studies, one comparing treatments for diabetic foot ulcers, and one comparing medication for sever chronic hand eczema.


  • BSc Nutrition (Hons) 1st Class

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research