Stephanie Briggs

Stephanie Briggs


As the school’s student support coordinator, I have responsibility for provided advice and guidance to MBChB students on a range of issues including finance, academic worries and ill health. I work closely with the senior support team to oversee the day to day running of the Personal Tutor System including recruitment and liaising with tutors and students to arrange year 3, 4 and 5 tutorial appointments. I am also the named disability contact for the MBChB and work with the universities Disabled Student Assessment and Support department to ensure that all students who have long-standing medical conditions have access to the adjustments they require.

As part of this role I work closely with students to discuss assessment adjustments, additional placement needs as well as general advice regarding managing ongoing health conditions with their studies. The final hat I wear is that of SAFER MEDIC administrator, a strand of y3 which is incorporated under Campus2Clinic. I organise arrangements for small group teaching sessions and submission of assessments.

I began my life as an undergraduate psychology student and\ngraduated from Manchester with my BSc before making the decision to complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I worked as an FE teacher for 4 years teaching A-Level and foundation degree psychology before decided to change direction and move over to HE. I have worked in student support at both Manchester and Leeds and haven’t looked back!


  • MBChB Disability Contact
  • Student Support Coordinator


  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education
  • BSc(hons) Psychology

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Medical Education