The John Deakin Heaton Scholarship (BSc Applied Health - Public Health)


The award is in memory of Mr John Deakin Heaton, the first Chairman of the Council of the Yorkshire College.

Rules for award:

£1,000 highest ranking student on BSc Applied Health (Public Health).

Please note that, if there are students from different year groups on this programme, the award will be divided equally between the highest ranking students in each year group within the programme.

Further information

School of Medicine awards are made to Leeds MBChB students pursuing an intercalating programme study at the University of Leeds. For the purpose of making awards to medical students who are intercalating, the School ranks students within the year cohort according to the score achieved in the most recent Integrated Summative Examination (ISE). Students in Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 of the MBChB programme take ISEs at the end of each year of study. It is the highest ranking in the relevant ISE which determines the recipient of the above awards.

No student will receive two awards; the student will always receive the greater monetary award and the second award will be re-awarded to the next appropriate student.

Recipients of the awards are to write to the donor to thank him/her/the family where appropriate and to state what programme and research they are taking.

In future, recipients of awards are invited to provide the School with an annual update of their career. Recipients are asked to acknowledge the award in oral presentations and project reports.

Please be aware that the amounts were correct at the time of publication but that all scholarships are subject to affordability and future funding.