Widening access

2 students studying in Laidlaw library representing Widening Participation students.

At the University of Leeds we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realise their potential.

The School of Medicine actively engages with schools, partner institutions and community groups to help support people from a range of backgrounds and all ages gain access to higher education.

We aim to raise aspirations, bring pupils onto campus to experience university and support student volunteers going into schools.

Access to Leeds

Access to Leeds is an undergraduate widening access scheme that allows us to identify the best possible applicants regardless of their background.

We understand that A-level grades alone are not a sufficient indicator of an applicant's ability or their likelihood to succeed on our MBChB course. If you are eligible for the scheme your application will receive special consideration from admissions tutors.

If you then go on to complete the Access to Leeds programme and receive a course offer you will be eligible for an Access to Leeds offer, which is typically two grades below the standard entry requirements for your course.

Interdisciplinary Sciences foundation programme

The BSc Interdisciplinary Science programme is a full-time, one year course that allows you to prepare for degree-level study and gain the necessary academic competence required for entry to the degree programme. If you successfully complete the year you can apply for internal transfer to our MBChB.

Admission is not guaranteed and applicants are selected using academic and non-academic criteria. Successful completion of the year with an overall score of at least 70% and a minimum score of 70% in Chemistry 1 and 2 is required.

Widening Access to Medical School

Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS) is a project run by medical students intended to encourage prospective students from a wide range of backgrounds to submit applications to the University. It is hoped that this approach will ultimately lead to the training of doctors who are representative of the communities they serve.

WAMS achieve their aim through:

  • Mentoring – WAMS provide sixth-formers with medical student mentors who give advice on a one-to-one basis about how to get into medical school. Mentoring takes place largely through the Brightside Trust's Bright Journals website.
  • Presentations – WAMS present at specific schools and colleges and have links with Education Liaison Services within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and jointly organise presentations to year 9 and 10 students.
  • WAMS website – developed in order to disseminate our knowledge and expertise beyond the Yorkshire area.
  • Primary School Initiative – a programme designed to raise the aspirations of primary school children in the local area through interactive games, workshops and tours of the University.

The Bradford Partnership

Since 2002 the top 20 students from the BSc Clinical Sciences programme at the University of Bradford are admitted onto our MBChB course. These students do not tend to have family backgrounds with higher education experience and almost twice as many are from low income families when compared a cohort of MBChB students who enrolled outside of this scheme.

Two of the students who have benefited from the Bradford Partnership are Dr Barbara Adams and Dr Ashraf Jogi.

Other access courses considered

Applicants with an overall mark of 70% with at least 70% in Chemistry (Distinctions) from the following two access courses will be considered: