Coronavirus - information for School of Medicine applicants and offer holders

We understand that applicants and offer holders may have concerns about the ongoing coronavirus situation and how this might impact their plans to study with us at Leeds. We want to reassure you that we are continually reviewing this and taking all the necessary steps to be as flexible as we can to support those of you looking to study with us.

To keep you informed we will be providing updates on this page, and also suggest that you check our broader coronavirus FAQs

School of Medicine coronavirus FAQs

Is there a possibility of rejections being reconsidered due to extreme circumstances?

We have been processing applications as normal and have completed all of our offer making processes for 2020 entry for the School of Medicine undergraduate courses. Rejections will therefore not be reconsidered.

Could new applications be accepted due to extreme circumstances?

We have been processing applications as normal and have completed all of our offer making processes for 2020 entry for the School of Medicine undergraduate courses. We will therefore not be accepting new applications.

Are you going to be holding face to face interviews next year? 

At the moment we are planning for different scenarios to cover different coronavirus related restrictions. We are working collaboratively to develop processes which will ensure that all students if they are shortlisted and regardless of background will have a chance to access interviews whether they are face to face or online. The safety of our applicants, our students and staff is central to this decision making process.

It is difficult to attain work experience in a healthcare setting due to the outbreak. Will this be taken into account when I submit my application?

Medical schools understand that this is a difficult time to try and gain relevant experience in healthcare. The NHS is focusing on dealing with a global pandemic and even when cases begin to drop it likely it will have a lot of work to do get back to business as usual. Additionally, many outreach programmes have been put on hold and most paid employment opportunities have been stopped too.  

The first thing to remember is that all applicants to healthcare courses will be in the same situation. This means medical schools will have to adapt their expectations to reflect the situation applicants find themselves in. All medical schools are aware that the opportunities open to you have been affected and will take this into account when considering applications for cohorts that have been impacted. 

It is important to remember why medical schools look for work experience/volunteering in an application; this in turn can help you think of the numerous ways that you can demonstrate that you have acquired relevant experience. They want to see that you understand what the career involves.  

There are lots of ways that you can still demonstrate that you have this understanding:  

  • Keep a reflective diary on what is happening in the news and online. 

  • Explore the regulatory body and NHS health careers websites. 

  • Look out for online work experience programmes and outreach events. 

Further medicine specific information can be found on the Medical Schools Council website but some of their support leaflets will be useful for students considering other careers.

How can I use the time to prepare for my studies?

We understand that you may be keen to carry on preparing for university. The Medical Schools Council website has a number of resources that you could explore at this time. The Royal College of General Practitioners also has a virtual work experience package that is free to access. Finally, Cambridge Assessment also offers free resources to help you to prepare for BMAT. 

Please note that due to coronavirus restrictions, there will be changes to how BMAT can run safely this November. Find out more about these changes on the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website

To keep up-to-date, we’d also encourage you to follow the site’s news and announcements where candidates can receive all the updates relating to computer-based testing. Updated 17 September 2020.

I am due to start my studies in September 2020, will I be able to attend placements? 

Student safety is a paramount concern to us, we are working closely with our clinical placement partners to identify how we can deliver the learning outcomes of our courses whilst maintaining the constraints that are brought by government social distancing measures. Further information will be provided to all students already on and those joining the course as it becomes available. 

I can’t see an answer to my question, is there any further information available to help me?

For answers to broader questions about how coronavirus might affect your studies, from admissions to the change in the academic schedule, please visit the coronavirus website for the latest updates.