Bradford Transfer Policy

From September 2020, students in the Foundation Year wishing to apply to Leeds Medical School must apply by the 15 October through the main UCAS cycle. You will be required to obtain an academic reference from your previous school or college and in addition, the University of Leeds will approach the University of Bradford prior to interview to ensure that there are no concerns relating to your studies during semester 1, and to confirm that you are predicted to meet the academic criteria for your Foundation Year studies.

The minimum academic entry requirements for Leeds are outlined below; applicants should be aware that admission is highly competitive and the majority of applicants will have qualifications well above this standard. You will be in a pool along with all other UCAS applicants as there are no ring-fenced places for transfer from this course.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they are from a widening participation background (which can be found using the Access to Leeds pages) and be a UK student. Eligible students must meet all of the following criteria during their Foundation Year:

• A minimum overall mean mark of 70.0%

• A minimum overall mean mark of 70.0% in Chemistry

• All assessments must be passed at first attempt and all modules must be passed at first attempt

• Satisfactory engagement

In addition to the Foundation Year performance outlined above you must already have the following: GCSE Subjects At least 6 grade C’s or 6 level 4’s must be offered including the following:

• English Language

• Mathematics

• Dual/Double Science, or Science and Additional Science, or Chemistry and Biology

The School of Medicine does not accept Level 2 Functional Skills English in lieu of GCSE English.

A2 Subjects (or equivalent)

BBC including Chemistry or Biology at B grade. Physics or Maths must also be offered if Chemistry is not taken. We welcome General Studies and Critical Thinking as a fourth A2 but they do not typically form part of our offer. Certain combinations are not acceptable, specifically:

Chemistry with

• Biology and Human Biology

• Chemistry with Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Those taking a fourth A2 subject will not be at an advantage over those taking three. We do not rate A* as being any higher than A i.e. we will not accept A*A*B instead of AAA

Scottish Highers

BB at Advanced Higher including Biology or Chemistry, and BBBBC at Standard Level.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Diploma 29 overall including 5 at Higher Level in Chemistry.

Late applications will not be considered.


Successful completion of Stage 1 Clinical Sciences Year will allow you to progress (subject to the University Regulations) onto Stage 2 Clinical Sciences.

Transfer to Leeds 2021

Stage 1 Clinical Sciences has been validated by the GMC as being equivalent to Year 1 of the MBChB programme at Leeds Medical School and thus eligible UK students will be able to make a direct application for Year 2 at Leeds via the following process. (This option is only available to home students who have been admitted onto the programme via Route 3 in the Foundation year and the final year of transfer application via this route is in 2021). Direct entry (Route 1) and EU/International students are not eligible to apply.) This process is competitive with a maximum quota of 20 students taken from Year 1 of the BSc into Year 2 of the MBChB. As there are always more applicants than there are places not all of the applications will be successful.

1. Potential applicants must sit the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) at Bradford in the spring sitting. Entry codes will be provided by the Admissions Testing Service and students will be required to register for the test by the deadline which will be communicated to you in due course. The format and practice papers can be found on the BMAT website: The results obtained from BMAT will contribute to the shortlisting process of Bradford applicants.

2. Applicants for BMAT must have a pass mark in in all semester 1 assessments at the time of BMAT registration (see transfer criteria in point 5 below). NO applications for BMAT will be accepted after the deadline and you may not contact the University of Leeds to ask for consideration if you have not passed the semester 1 assessments or applied for BMAT. All applications for transfer are received using the approved process only..

3. Students will be informed when the interviews will take place at Leeds in Semester 2 once the date has been confirmed.

4. Eligible students can apply to transfer to the MBChB at Leeds Medical School once they have received confirmation of their Stage 1 performance in June 2021. Eligible students must meet all of the following criteria:

• A minimum overall mean mark of 60.0%

• All assessments must be passed at first attempt***

• All modules must be passed at first attempt***

• Satisfactory attendance and professional behaviour throughout the year

*** In order to satisfy the above and be eligible to apply by the application deadline (1 week after the last timetabled examination in the Semester 2 examination period in May), only students with a complete profile of marks can apply to transfer. Thus students taking supplementary assessment(s) at first attempt in July will not be eligible to apply for transfer in that academic session. Students who experience extenuating circumstances during Semester 1 or Semester 2 must inform the Programme Director. The final year for transfer process is 2021 entry and extenuating circumstance students would have to be considered on a case by case basis by the University of Leeds for consideration of application the following year. All cases for consideration will be brought to the University of Leeds by the Programme Director.

This does not affect, and is independent of, your academic progress within Clinical Sciences whereby you may take supplementary assessments at first attempt in July for progression into Stage 2 Clinical Sciences. However, many students apply to study Medicine in Stage 3, Clinical Sciences with approximately 30% of Clinical Sciences graduates successfully progressing to Medicine after graduation.

1. Applicants will be required to submit an electronic copy of their application form (personal statement and personal details) by the application deadline (which will be confirmed in Semester 2) and personal tutors will provide a reference for their tutees. Stage 1 students intending to apply to transfer to Medicine are strongly advised to discuss their potential application with their personal tutor by the end of Semester.

2. Following confirmation of results by the Board of Examiners an academic transcript from Stage 1 will be added to your application, along with the reference from your personal tutor. All eligible application forms will be forwarded to the Head of Admissions at the School of Medicine at Leeds.

3. Any further correspondence, regarding your application to transfer, will come directly from the Medical School.

4. The Admissions team at Leeds will consider your application using a similar process to that implemented for the main UCAS cycle.

Each application will be screened and scored across your academic and BMAT performance and a range of non-academic categories. It may also include the use of the Cambridge Personality Style Questionnaire. All applications will be ranked and only the shortlisted students will be invited for interview and it is anticipated that all interviews will be held online. You will have been notified of the potential interview dates at least 3 months in advance and of the format of interview that will be used. It is not possible to make alternative arrangements if you cannot attend. However you should contact the Medical School as soon as possible if there are any extenuating circumstances which may impact on your interview performance. Mitigating or extenuating circumstances presented after the interview cannot be taken into consideration. Mitigating or extenuating circumstances can only be taken into account if they are presented BEFORE the relevant decision (e.g. to call for interview or not, or to offer a place or reject an application) has been made. Failure to do so may mean that these circumstances cannot be taken into account in the assessment of your application or when the final confirmation decision is made. Circumstances disclosed after an interview, or an unsuccessful decision, are unlikely to be considered.

The Medical School will not consider submissions of mitigation related to assessments taken at the University of Bradford, but will expect that the University of Bradford will have made reasonable adjustments at the time. The Medical School may, at its discretion, put in place reasonable adjustments at interview in response to your submission of Mitigation, but will not alter the standard or composition of the interview.

Applicants are normally informed of decisions within 7 days after interview.

Up to 20 students will progress into Year 2 of Leeds Medical School subject to the selection process described above. You may not apply for a deferred transfer, places are only available for 2021 entry.

All offers are conditional and subject to ‘Fitness to practice’ (including but not limited to Occupational Health and Enhanced DBS checks).

Feedback on your performance will not be provided due to fact that the cohort of applicants will be too small to provide you with details which would not compromise information of others within that group.

The Medical School has a Complaints and Appeals procedure (available on their website) in relation to the admissions process.


As all students are registered on a BSc (Hons) programme it is expected that students will progress into Stage 2 of Clinical Sciences. However, successful completion of Stage 1 may also allow you to progress to other courses at Bradford, the details of which will be available in Semester 2.

Full details of the Course Transfer Process in Life Sciences will be circulated to all students at a later date.

Late applications will not be considered.

If you are holding a UCAS offer or an offer for an internal course, when the application forms are submitted to Leeds please discuss this with the Stage Leader at the University of Bradford and the Admissions Team at the University of Leeds as this may jeopardise both applications and will delay your student finance arrangements.