Continuous professional development

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We enhance the quality of Medical Education through our range of Continuous Professional Development courses - providing high-quality educational developmental opportunities to a global community of medical educators. 

We aim to achieve this through scholarship, innovation and working in partnership with colleagues who share our vision of ‘excellence through scholarship’ in Medical Education. 

We provide a range of provision including face-to-face workshops, conferences, E-learning courses and opportunities for shared learning through the creation of facilitated networks of medical education practitioners and specialists.

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CPD and the MBChB/ Physicians Associate curricula

Opportunities to all involved in teaching and training on the MBChB curriculum and those with an interest in education can attend various workshops, courses and training events which support teaching, supervising or tutoring. These may be organised by LIME or other institutes within the School of Medicine.

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How to get involved in teaching

There are several ways to get more involved in teaching within the MBChB. Please view our booklet.

The CPD team hold a secure volunteer list. Opportunities to teach/mark/supervise within the MBChB and Physicians Associate programme are emailed to this list. If you would like to be on this mailing list, fill in the form and email it back tous. We shall provide your details to the appropriate people, according to workplace.

Our CPD events

The Leeds Institute of Medical Education offers a range of Free CPD activities centring on student learning, assessment in medical education, technology enhanced learning and pastoral and academic support for students. Everyone who teaches or has an interest in developing teaching skills are welcome to attend.

The full programme can be downloaded from our website or you can go directly to our online booking form 

What we offer:

Developing your teaching:

  • Peer Observation, participant-led, limited spaces.
  • Small Group Teaching, a fundamental teaching technique for medical educators.
  • Large Group Teaching, effective lecturing and enhanced presentation skills. Limited spaces.
  • Supporting Medical Educators Skills' Day, an annual event focusing on teaching skills.
  • Teaching the Physicians Associates, introducing the new healthcare role and the teaching approach by University of Leeds.
  • Junior Doctors as Teachers, a workshop focused on the role of junior doctors in everyday teaching.
  • Interprofessional Education, creating an interprofessional workplace learning environment - how to enhance and innovate.
  • Annual Clinical Teachers Day, an event celebrating the teaching within the MBChB.

Explore our range of CPD courses

Enhancing your teaching:

  • Technology in the MBChB. An introduction to the technologies and mobile apps used within the medical degree. Delegates will be able to expand and develop their ideas involving technology-enhanced learning.
  • Virtual reality - an Educational Platform.  Demonstrating the newest technologies which can be incorporated into your teaching.
  • TiMEToTeach. This workshop will address issues surrounding teaching in the MBChB and Diploma in PA studies. It will provide insights into the curricula and online assessments used by students.
  • Nudges and feedback. Tips to formatively assess students and provide feedback during workplace based assessments.
  • Innovation in Clinical Teaching. Tips and Tricks from successful clinical teachers.
  • Making time for teaching. Methods and ideas to provide teaching opportunities within a busy schedule.
  • Teaching on the Ward and in the Clinic. How to provide an excellent student experience and develop your teaching skills.
  • Teaching using Simulation. How to effectively use simulation techniques to enhance teaching.
  • Sustainability. Future-proofing your teaching with regards to sustainability.
  • Threshold Concepts. Identifying difficult areas of learning in our field and adopting different teaching techniques to support the learner.

Explore our range of CPD courses

Assessment Skills

  • MCQ/EMQ Writing An introduction into the theory and practice of writing exam questions in an MCQ/EMQ format
  • OSCE Writing Theory behind OSCEs and working towards devising new OSCE stations.
  • OSCE Examiner Training Outlining the roles of examiners and how to mark stations.

Support for students/junior doctors

  • Student support, for information on how to support students with their learning and pathway to becoming a doctor.
  • Student Support Conference Bringing together experts in developmental student support in health professional education.
  • Careers guidance - making medical careers accessible and developing skills and practices for career guidance.
  • Mentoring Network. This network focuses on supporting newly qualified doctors with their teaching. There are various workshops throughout the year for mentoring support.

E-learning resources

LITE BITES are a selection of 10 minute e-learning packages designed to provide an overview of teaching related subjects. The courses are suitable for clinicians teaching students and clinical educators working in the NHS.

OSCE Examiner Training Refresher course is available here. If you wish to examine at this year's exams you may want to refresh your training. Please use our online course and any enquires please email the CPD team

Student Support - if you are a tutor or personal tutor or if you have teaching responsibilities, online resources are available to download specifically focused on Student Support. Our colleagues have published an AMEE guide for student support in medical undergraduate education, with free access.

An online course entitled Equality and Diversity Essentials may be accessed by staff employed by the University of Leeds through the Equality Policy Unit. Non-university staff, please contact Cait Dennis for access.

The Organisational Development and Professional Learning (ODPL) at the University of Leeds have online resources for learning and teaching as well as information and guidance about working and standards at the University.

Mentor network

Leeds Institute of Medical Education has developed a network of medical education mentors to provide junior doctors, or doctors just beginning to undertake teaching responsibilities in West Yorkshire with support for their teaching activities.

Becoming a teaching mentor may be useful to those clinicians that are teaching in terms of evidence of educational CPD for revalidation and for those trainers who will need to demonstrate their skills under the GMCs regulatory framework for the approval of trainers as part of The GMC Education Strategy 2011-2013.

Personal development

Many staff who become teaching mentors say that they learn a lot about themselves and the way they communicate, as well as considering a variety of problem-solving techniques. Others say that developing others is a rewarding activity.


An initial mentorship training will be provided, and two further face to face sessions will be offered throughout the year. The purpose of these sessions will be to explore typical issues that arise in mentoring situations as well additional content identified as being of use by the mentors themselves.

The next initial day’s introductory (mandatory) training sessions will be offered on:

 2018/19 Cohort Catchups:

Wednesday 9th January 2019 09:30-12:30 University of Leeds Medical School, Worsley Building, Level 8, 8.28A

New Cohort:

Introduction to Mentoring Workshop

Tuesday 21st May 2019 10:00-13:30 Includes lunch, University of Leeds Medical School, Worsley Building, Level 8, 8.28A

Thursday 20th June 2019 09:30-12:30 Includes lunch, University of Leeds Medical School, Worsley Building, Level 8, 8.28A

To book your place please use our online booking form: Book a course

Facilitator: Dr Cait Dennis

These workshops could be used to evidence the following areas for GMC accreditation:

5. Supporting and Monitoring Educational Progress 6. Guiding Personal and Professional Development

7. Continuing Professional Development as an Educator 

These workshops could be used to evidence the following areas for AoME:

CORE: Professional Integrity; Educational Scholarship; Respect for Colleagues DOMAINS: 5. Educational Management and Leadership

These workshops are developed and run by Leeds Institute of Medical Education at The University of Leeds.

Develop your teaching expertise with formal programmes

If you are interested in furthering and formalising your teaching skills, the university has accredited courses to build upon your exisiting knowledge. You may want to look into the following courses offered:

PGCert in Clinicial Education

MEd in Clinical Education

PGCert Education in Primary Care

MD/MPhil/MSc(Research)/PhD Medical Education

In addition to the formal courses listed above, it is hoped that by partaking in our CPD courses - on-line and on-site, thereby meeting standards outlined by the Academy of Medical Educators, we may be able to support your application to become a Member of the Academy of Medical Educators. Further details will be available soon, please contact Dr Cait Dennis

Your role as a Medical Educator

To ensure you meet the requirements expected of a Medical Educator we have aligned our CPD courses to the GMC and Academy of Medical Educators framework of standards. Our mapping document can be downloaded from our website. The London Deanery has a document mapping the Professional Development Framework to the Good Medical Practice Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation 2013 which as a Medical Educator you may also find beneficial.

The seven areas of activity within the GMC framework are as follows:

1. Ensuring Safe and Effective Patient Care through Training

2. Establishing and Maintaining an Environment for Learning

3. Teaching and Facilitating Learning

4. Enhancing Learning through Assessment

5. Supporting and Monitoring Educational Progress

6. Guiding Personal and Professional Development

7. Continuing Professional Development as an Educator

Workshops and Courses will be run with this framework in mind as well as addressing the AoME domains of Professional Standards:

Domain 1: Design and Planning of Learning Activities

Domain 2: Teaching and Supporting Learners

Domain 3: Assessment and Feedback to Learners

Domain 4: Educational Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Domain 5: Educational Management and Leadership

Core Values: Professional Integrity; Educational Scholarship; Equality of Opportunity and Diversity; Respect for the public, the patients, learners, colleagues