Atif Saddiq

Atif Saddiq


Atif began his pharmacy journey in 2009, at the University of Bradford and graduated with first-class honours in 2014. Atif began his career as a pharmacist working as a community pharmacy locum and volunteered as a teaching assistant at The University of Bradford.

After being registered for 7-months, Atif secured a position with Medicare Chemists as a Pre-registration Coordinator; at 11 months post registration Atif began to work in General Practice with Prescribing Support Services Ltd. Over the past few years Atif's role as a General Practice pharmacist and as a Pre-registration Coordinator has developed. Duties as a General Practice Pharmacist currently include carrying out medication reviews, assessing patients with minor illnesses, and being involved in various other general practice activities; he registered as an independent prescriber in September 2017. His duties as a pre-registration coordinator involve helping pre-registration students prepare for their registration assessment through study days and mentoring them through the pre-registration year.

Atif secured a role as a Clinical Teacher at the University of Bradford in November 2016 and since then has been involved in providing practice experience to a range of classes, conducting primary care interprofessional learning placements and assisting with assessments. In March 2018 Atif was appointed as a part-time Tutor in Pharmacy at the University of Leeds; his role at the University of Leeds involves leading a module for pharmacists based in General Practice.


  • Module lead for HECS 8008 (Clinical Pharmacy in General Practice)

Professional memberships

  • Royal Pharamceutical Soceity
  • General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Higher Education Academy