International Day of the Midwife

We're celebrating International Day of the Midwife with stories from our midwifery community.

The definition of a midwife is ‘someone who delivers expert primary care to pregnant women and their newborns. Through pregnancy, labour, birth and after birth.’  But Midwives are more than that, they are the people who guide expectant mothers, who lead parents through the probably the most nerve-wracking time of their lives and who use their expertise to bring new lives into the world and keep them safe.

Here is a short video and a few stories of our students and midwifery graduates on why they entered the profession.

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Lily Best,  current student

I feel incredibly lucky to be supporting women and their families at such a poignant time in their lives. The most rewarding part of midwifery placement for me has definitely been receiving such positive feedback from the women and families I have been involved in caring for. It’s such a special time of transition for them and being told that you have made a positive impact on their experience is incredible to hear and makes me feel extremely privileged.

Issy James, Alumnus

I’m a midwife in the LGI delivery suite in Leeds. I love the job and the profession, looking after women through labour, to birth. I love making sure the mother and baby are is healthy and birth is the best we can make it. It’s special thing to be part of.

Rashelle Thomas-Jarret, Alumnus

I became a midwife after I was  fascinated with embryology from a very young age after seeing a documentary on television. This lead to a science degree and maternity care seemed like the perfect mix between research and scientific communication for me. Caring for the mother and making a difference to women and their families is the most rewarding and satisfying thing.

Interested in studying midwifery?

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