Immersive Technology as an educational platform

Course overview

This workshop will discuss the use of Immersive Technology in education and allow opportunities for attendees to try out the various technologies. The Immersive Technologies that we will cover include the use of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and 360 degree video as tools for giving learners an immersive experience.

We will discuss which technology is the most appropriate for specific teaching scenarios such as personalised learning and small group teaching sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to try out some of the technologies and get their own experience of what they offer both the teacher and the learner.

We will also discuss the cost advantages of the various styles and the potential for and challenge of creating your own content.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the transformational learning opportunities that newer technologies provide
  • Have awareness about the range of technological resources used to support learning in healthcare
  • Draw upon and use a range of immersive technological resources to support their own teaching and learning practices

This course is free to attend and of interest to those wishing to develop teaching skills, especially in the healthcare environment and teaching our students.

This course is part of our technology series, of interest to those who wish to enhance their digital skills and use them for effective educational purposes


Members of the Technology Enhanced Learning team from Leeds Institute of Medical Education


This workshop has been accredited for 3 CPD points from the Royal College of Physicians

These workshops are developed and run by the Leeds Institute of Medical Education at the University of Leeds and can be used to evidence the following areas for GMC accreditation: Teaching and Facilitating Learning.

This workshop can be used to evidence the following areas for The Academy of Medical Educators. Core: Educational Scholarship.