Tom mountjoy BSc Psychology study case study 2018

Tom Mountjoy

A variety of experiences have helped me foster a genuine interest in human behaviour. Indeed working for 18-months alongside children with emotional and behavioural difficulties first sparked my interest in psychology. During my undergraduate degree I became particularly interested in psychopathology, and wrote my dissertation on ‘problematic Facebook usage’. As a student I volunteered with a drug addiction charity, community action team, shadowed local professionals within NHS mental health departments, and worked part-time as a research assistant.

I graduated with a First Class Honours and was proud to be awarded the Joint Honours Prize in Psychology. I decided to pursue clinical psychology training and, with the support of my personal tutor within the School of Psychology, looked to gain experience required for entry onto doctoral programmes. I applied for assistant psychologist posts and was offered a position working with adults with learning disabilities in a low-secure hospital. Supervision from a consultant clinical psychologist benefited me greatly in furthering my clinical skills and knowledge of applied psychology, as well as developing my sense of self as a psychologist.

After 14 months I moved to an assistant psychologist post in adult mental health, working on an acute inpatient ward. Within a small team of experienced psychologists I developed my competencies in assessment, psychometric testing, formulating patients’ problems, and offering psychological interventions. Last year, I was accepted onto the University of Leeds doctorate in clinical psychology. This is a funded NHS training scheme that leads to a qualification as a Health Professional Council - registered and chartered clinical psychologist. I’m confident I’ve made the right decision and, though challenging, I honestly can’t think of a more interesting and rewarding line of work! I’m grateful to the IPS for helping establish and support my career choice and I highly recommend studying at Leeds.