Steven Brookes


I completed my BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry at the University of Leeds in 1989 and obtained my PhD in Oral Biology at Leeds in 1995. I was subsequently as lecturer and promoted to senior lecturer in Oral Biology and was appointed Head of Oral Biology in 2017. I have been external undergraduate examiner for the basic scienecs in Dentistry at the Universities of; Birmingham, Bristol and Dundee and have axted as extrnal examiner for PhD candidiates at the University of Birmingham and Queen Mary's College London. I have published outputs with colleague from the Universities of: Southern California, Oslo, Paris,Texas A & M, Manchester and Birmingham.





  • Head of Oral Biology
  • Head of Biominerlaisation Research Group

Research interests

My main research is focused on the biochemistry and ultra-structure of the enamel  matrix proteins and the role of these of proteins in enamel biomineralisation and enamel pathology as well as their application in regenerative medicine. This work (supported via an EU Framework award (PI) and latterly through a Wellcome Trust programme (Co-I) and US NIH funding (PI)) has led to >80 publications with >1000 citations. I also have an interest in salivary biochemistry and the role of the salivary proteome in enamel de- and reminerlaisation. To date I have supervised  8 PhD students to succesful completeion. I have expertease in protein biochemistry and purification, inorganic analysis, elelctron microscopy and micro-X-ray compurted microtomography.



  • BSc Hons Biochemistry
  • PhD Oral Biology

Professional memberships

  • International Association for Dental Research
  • Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry

Student education

Module leader for a 2nd year MChD module.

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