Dr Hanna Aslam


In my original discipline I read for a degree in Biomedical Science and this progressed to me completing a Master’s degree in Genetics and ultimately a Doctorate from the University of Manchester. After completing my PhD, I took employment as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Kings College London, which involved the study of genes responsible for development of pioneer neurones. This post involved working at microscopic levels, dissecting spinal cords from Drosophila eggs of 2mm in length, which harnessed and developed my dexterity skills. Part of my role was to oversee the work of BSc research students. I currently work full time in a busy five-surgery practice and occasionally work for the community emergency service on weekends. I am also a validation by experience supervisor mentoring an overseas foundation dentist. I am keen on dental education and enjoy being part of a teaching team to facilitate dental student education.



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  • B.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. B.Ch.D