Scott Smith

Scott Smith


As an undergraduate, I studied pharmacology at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, graduating in 2016. I then graduated from the University of Leeds with an MSc in nutrition in 2017, having completed a dissertation on obesity and mortality using data from the UK Women's Cohort Study under the supervision of Professor Janet Cade. I was attracted to the PhD on which I'm currently working as it combined a number of my scientific interests with a strong grounding in epidemiology.

Research interests

Broadly, my research aims to determine the effect of excess adiposity on the development of periodontal disease. Specifically, I am interested in whether measures of central adiposity, as opposed to measures of general obesity e.g. body mass index, more accurately predict the development of periodontitis in adult populations.

So far, this has involved analysis of cross-sectional data, including from NHANES. In the remainder of my PhD I intend to use innovative statistical techniques to analyse longitudinal and cross-sectional data in an attempt to elucidate causative relationships. Such an approach is necessary given the inherent cost and practical implications of conducting large-scale longitudinal studies in periodontal research.


  • BSc (Hons) Pharmacology
  • MSc Nutrition