Indirect Aesthetic Restorations

Indirect Aesthetic Restorations master class at the University of Leeds

Course Title

Indirect Aesthetic Restorations



Course Tutors

Marco Ferrari


School of Dentistry, University of Leeds

Course Fee

£600 (You will be able to pay online once a date for the event is confirmed)

If you book one of our masterclass packages you can get a discounted rate on two of our courses:

  • Indirect & Direct Aesthetic Restoration Masterclasses: £1,100 (You will be able to pay online once a date for the event is confirmed)
  • Indirect & Digital Dentistry Masterclasses: £925 (You will be able to pay online once a date for the event is confirmed)


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This course adopts a scientific evidence based approach to clinical procedures in order to allow you to deliver high-level, clinical best practice. Dentists are pushed by society, the industry and media to adopt ‘new’ clinical procedures and new devices, but often there is a lack of scientific evidence to support them. The problem about acceptability of the margins of clinical practice is still unresolved.

The workshop will cover the different ‘hot’ topics of restorative dentistry such as:

  • type of preparation of finishing lines (vertical vs horizontal prep)
  • cervical Margin Relocation
  • preparation of laminates in anterior teeth
  • new available prosthodontic materials
  • the use of Intra-Oral Scanners to take the final impression of natural abutments

We will cover the advantages and limitations of all the above-mentioned procedures, from a technical and material perspective (in particular in relation with the periodontal tissues and their clinical behaviour and response). Fundamentally, success in prosthodontics is only possible with proper biological integration of periodontal tissues.

Techniques such as abutment preparation, traditional and digital impressions and luting will be described step-by-step and demonstrated through video footage.

Course Content

  • diagnosis and treatment planning
  • knowledge of relevant materials
  • bonding-Luting  materials and procedures
  • preparation of posterior onlays and anterior laminates
  • cervical Margin Relocation on posterior teeth
  • porcelain, Lithium disilicate and reinforced resin materials 
  • traditional and digital impressions
  • lab work
  • choice of correct shade
  • luting procedures
  • finishing and polishing
  • Recalls


  • 50/50 split between seminar and hands-on (Friday seminar and Saturday hands-on)
  • small learning groups