Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry master class


Course Title

Digital Dentistry in Practice (Now and the Future)



Course Tutors

Andrew Keeling BDS PhD BSc (Hons) MFGDP RCS (Eng)  

Mark & Ollie Ambridge, Ambridge Ceramics, UK


School of Dentistry, University of Leeds

Course Fee

Single £395 

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Digital workflows in dentistry are becoming more popular but how do you decide when to use them? This masterclass will cover 3D scanning (intra-oral and extra-oral), giving hands-on experience of both. The evidence base for when intra-oral scanning might be better (and when it might not) will be explored. A practical session on chairside milling and staining/glazing will show how to create beautiful restorations every time. Finally, an exploration of other aspects of digital dentistry such as facial scanning and augmented reality will be discussed, alongside tips on how to ‘go digital’ without spending a fortune!

Required prior experience

  • Attendees must be a dentist, dental healthcare professional or currently enrolled on a dental programme at the University of Leeds
  • The course is aimed at both beginner and intermediate level.

Course Details & Specific Learning Objectives

The course will teach both theory and practical aspects of intra-oral and extra-oral scanning, CAD/CAM and finally, a look at the future of digital dentistry. This will be delivered through a mix of theory and practical hands-on workshops looking at:

  • A comparison of analogue and digital impressions in dentistry
  • Intra-oral scanning and model/impression scanning and the relative merits of both techniques
  • CAD/CAM with particular reference to chairside milling, including staining and glazing to make life-like restorations
  • Modern materials for indirect restorations
  • A look to the future – accessible digital solutions for 3D facial scanning, smile design, augmented reality and occlusion

Course Tutors

Andrew Keeling BDS PhD BSc (Hons) MFGDP RCS (Eng)  

Clinical Associate Professor (Restorative), Leeds School of Dentistry

Andrew leads digital research at the Leeds School of Dentistry and has published widely in this field, including in restorative dentistry, orthognathic/orthodontics and haptic technology. Having initially undertaken a Computer Science and Maths degree, Andrew switched to Dentistry where he spent over 10 years in general practice before moving to an academic post in 2011. He combines his clinical and computer expertise to assess digital dental technologies and to create novel digital solutions to clinical problems.

Mark Ambridge

Mark qualified as a dental technician in 1984 and has built a UK leading dental laboratory business with a particular interest in Aesthetic, Implant and Digital dentistry. Always at the forefront of the digital dental field, Mark's laboratory uses many different scanners, 3D printers and milling machines to provide bespoke clinical solutions of the highest standard. In particular, the marriage between digital workflows and traditional aesthetic techniques (as opposed to relying solely on either) ensures the highest possible quality is achieved.